Friday, July 20, 2012

Shotgun Girl

Tonight...was a good night.  After a powerful ten days of discussion, our last night at Stony Point is upon us.  Today  we talked about boundaries and how to engage with people and love people, but keep boundaries that protect us, our placement sites, and our partners in ministry.  We spent a chunk of time talking about wellness and how to take care of our physical selves.  Then, we discussed out itineration for Sunday morning, where we have the opportunity to share our call stories with local churches.  I'm excited to be headed to White Plains United Methodist Church with Laura and Love!

So despite all the wonderful things that happened today, tonight was definitely the highlight.  TALENT SHOW!  First off, I must express that the talents range the spectrum, and we have a lot of people who like to dance.  The group took part in the entire talent show, with many talents of teaching and most talents ending in a group dance.  However, the US-2 group, of which I am a part (Side note: there are MI-3, who are international, 3-year missionaries and US-2, who are domestic, 2-year missionaries) decided to re-write the lyrics of the popular song, "Call Me Maybe" to express our call story to ministry and the doubt that some of us still have, maybe.

For those who are reading this because of the title, I recognize there are several types of people in my life who read this very differently.  Some think, being the "country" girl I am, that I am proud of my ability to shoot a shotgun and hope to someday be part of the NRA (which isn't actually true).  Another group may recognize the JaneDear Girls title (Katie) or understand my struggle with motion sickness and the necessity of sitting shotgun.  The last group, of which I am about to explain, would actually be correct in their assumptions.  I like to be in control, and when I'm not driving, I'm usually the co-pilot.  Notice I didn't say I was just along for the ride.  I am passionate about being part of the action, the navigation.  

So, about this song...My good friend, who I've now known for 10 days, came up with this fantastic idea. (Yay Mistead) and I jumped in to help create lyrics.  However, there were five of us in the front seat and everyone added a little something to make this the next big one!  I hope you enjoy the video.  This is a live sneak-peek, but stay tuned as the official music video is coming soon.  Please pass it, along with my blog to your friends.  Stories are made to be shared, so take the wheel and start sharing!

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