Tuesday, July 31, 2012


One day you're up high, you're flying through the sky
Got a peaceful mind and everything is all right
Next minute you're face down in it
And then there's just no winning no relief in sight

Some people compare life to a roller coaster with ups and downs.  While some moments take our breath away, others seem like a slow uphill climb.  Yesterday evening, I had the opportunity to go to Coney Island, a nice getaway for New Yorkers.  Sadly, the park is on a decline and on a Sunday evening was nearly vacant.  After having a Nathan's Famous Frankfurter and taking a ride on the Wonder Wheel, pictured above, I braved the height of the Soarin' Eagle.  

Although, I refused to ride roller coasters until the age of 14, I have been on many since.  My experience ranges from the famous Texas Giant to the Amazing Hulk at Universal Studios Orlando, as well as all the coasters at Frontier City in Oklahoma.  But, I was intrigued by a coaster that literally made you "fly like an eagle". 

Step 1: Step onto the attraction and be strapped in.
Step 2: Lean forward until laying flat on your belly.
Step 3: Soar through twists and turns like an Eagle, or Superman.

But, even though the small coaster was spectacular and the hot dog far exceeded my expectations, the real joy of the evening was the Wonder Wheel.  I know a lot of people are not fans of Ferris Wheels, which need to be distinguished from merry-go-rounds or carousels, but sitting above Coney Island and the Boardwalk made me smile.  

So whether you feel like your life is full of ups and downs like the roller coaster, or a continuous cycle of ups, downs, forwards, and backwards like the ferris wheel, remember to enjoy the ride.  That's life.

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