Friday, July 27, 2012

I Wanna Do It All

I've never met a mountain I couldn't climb, and I usually run full steam ahead into challenging situations.  The greatest challenge of my life: getting everything done in such a short amount of time.  One of our training team members said this last week: "I have so many things to do that I'm going to have to live ten years longer than God intends, just to get it all done."  Although I get to that overwhelmed state quite often, I really enjoy all the things I do, and it's been nearly impossible to convince myself to give things up.

I am a consumer of entertainment and recreation, but I also am dearly devoted to my work, whether it be paid or volunteer.  So how do we balance a life of so much to do, so little time, without giving anything up?  If you're thinking it's not possible, I'd like to propose another solution.


Maybe you're familiar with the typical child law enforcement, but have you ever thought of giving yourself a time-out?  I don't mean go sit in the corner and think about what you've done wrong and how to do better next time.  I mean using those time management skills that you practice daily to re-organize your life and do it all.  You can do everything, but maybe not at the same time.

My senior year of high school, I discovered that my childhood love of golf (which I thought was just my enjoyment from hanging out with my dad) was actually legitimate.  It also helped that my dad was still around to coach me.  However, after playing an extra short spring season, I nearly left the game completely for the next four years.  I always talked of how much I wanted to play again, but I didn't have the time.  This summer, I got to play once.  It was SO much fun, but I had other things that prevented my trips to the golf course from being more frequent.

I'm using my high school education to develop this time-out model.  We play sports "in season", so why don't we structure our lives and the things we love into seasons?  I realize if you have kids, you can't just decide to give them up for a season, but your recreation and entertainment can be compartmentalized so that you can do it all, but not all at one time.

Activities such as golf and swimming choose their own season because of their outdoor nature, but think about all the activities you want to do and divide them seasonally.  I realized that the less time I spend wishing I could do something, the more time I have to enjoy the things I am doing.  So instead of wishing you had time to read a book and play golf, or trying to divide your time between the two, take a time-out.  Play golf while the weather permits and keep that book close for a rainy day or a cold night.

I'll be outside the next two months, although there may be a book in my hands at some times.  I hope you enjoy this season and the next, and the longevity of your life provides season after season of enjoyment and activities!

Dance in the rain, Dance in the sun, Dance for a purpose, Dance just for fun.

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