Friday, August 10, 2012

One Way Ticket

The train (er, car) is heading Eastbound and I've got a one way ticket...for now.  Every year, about this time I pack up to head to North Carolina (it seems like every year even though it's only been four).  I was finally getting used to the long drive, the good-byes, and the moist eyes.  This time, it's a little different. Without having a set return time or plan to move my boxes of accumulated junk home next summer, I'm having to really say good-bye, not just see ya later.

I may have called Duke my temporary home, but the reality that my home will invite me back as a guest in only a matter of time is a little frightening.  Although my parents don't have any master plans for turning my room into anything but my room, things will never be the same.

But maybe...that's not so bad.

I have said many farewells, and despite the practice, they are far from eloquent.  "Uh, um, I'll see ya" seems to be my particular favorite.  This evening I said goodbye to the local Sonic, the smell of the Thursday cattle sale, and the Oklahoma sunset.  After an hour identifying stars in the night sky, I said goodbye to a friend that has grown closer to me, even as I've traveled further away.

And it hits me...

None of my friendships or family ties are based on distance.  They are part of the growing process.  As we develop and change continually, we grow closer to some and further from others.  As I cherish those that have drifted away, I am so thankful for the change that has brought me closer to others.  Whether my heart is in Oklahoma or Georgia, you will forever be in my heart.  To friends and family, I send my love, as I lie in my bed, drifting off for the last time in this place that will forever be my home.

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  1. I already miss you friend!!! I hope you are enjoying your drive and I can't wait to visit!!! I know God has great things planned for you while you are in Georgia!! I can't wait for long chats!