Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Finishing Last

This week, our kids are on spring break which means... Cottage Competition!

The rec department takes over during the morning and afternoon activities for lots of silly games, races, relays, and fun!  We've had a lot of good laughs already and only a few slightly hilarious injuries.  I'm super competitive and so thankful that I get to help lead the games and am not on a specific team, because I may have possibly lost my cool several times otherwise.

I wanted to record some of my fondest memories thus far in our cottage competition. #sb2014

1.  Monday, we had a 5-on-5 basketball tournament.  Even though I don't have a team, you knew I couldn't sit this out.  I volunteered to help a team that had only 5 participants, one of which asked me "how do you play basketball?"  Sadly, we were far from impressive and lost both of our matches and I had to encourage my other competitive team member who was a little frustrated.

2.  On Tuesday, we had track practice and ran our normal 3 miles.  However, unlike most practices when I am cheering on kids to finish and work hard, I spent this practice panting and trying to catch up.  We have four new teenage boys who have joined the "crew" as I call them, and let's just say they're a little faster than some of our previous participants.  I'm really excited to take several of them to their first race this weekend!

3.  Today, we kicked the day off with our new favorite activity, the warm-up!  Monday, we started playing music in between basketball games and the kids started dancing, so we decided to create warm-up dances, which are just fun when everyone participates.

While thinking back to track and forward to more practices and races, I couldn't keep Stellar Kart's song Finish Last out of my head.

I want to finish last
Last in the world's eyes
No matter what I do
I will be first in your eyes

Even though the week has been just plain fun, I thought I'd share this song for days we feel defeated, days we feel like we're finishing last.  Remember that you are first in God's eyes, and that is what matters!  Have a great day!

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