Monday, February 25, 2013

Go West!

This evening I was able to worship and fellowship with the Wesley Foundation at West Georgia.  Being a huge fan/"member"/alumni of Wesley, it was wonderful to see another thriving ministry with students so grounded and connected.  I always wondered if Duke Wesley was unique in its familial style or if that was a trait of all Wesley Fellowships/Foundations.  I can now say it is not unique to one, and I hope that it is a shared trait among all the Wesley campus ministries.

While I was blessed by the hospitality and invitation to share my story, I had an epiphany during my speaking time.  I was asked to share not only about my work and ministry, but about my calling specifically.  I laugh when I recall that being a missionary was one of three things I applied for, and the only one I got accepted to.  Now, either God was trying to tell me something, or coincidentally, this is the only thing I was apt to do.  Whichever way it's looked at, I am not here because a voice from heaven spoke and called me into ministry; I'm here because I chose to draw near to God.

I was sharing with the students the only real calling I can identify - working with kids.  After Canon asked the group in New Mexico where do you feel closest to God?, I got my answer, my calling.  I explained to the students and was reminded that God calls us into God's presence.  Where you feel God and see God is where you should long to be.

Draw near to God, and God will draw near to you.   -James 4:8

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